• April's Position on Drug Tests

    Those who choose to enter public life and seek elective office must expect that, to some extent, their private lives will be subject to public scrutiny. That does not mean... Read More

  • While Radel Recovers, the Southwest Suffers

    Southwest Florida's representation in Congress will continue to suffer as Rep. Trey Radel concentrates on his personal recovery and rehabilitation, according to April Freeman, the Democratic candidate for Congress in... Read More
  • Naples Daily News - Letter to the Editor

    To the editor:

    I find it incredible that in a lengthy, front page story on the contenders for Rep. Trey Radel’s seat,  “Leader Sidelined; Wheels Still Turn,” on Sunday, Dec. 8,... Read More

  • David Levin Named Campaign Manager

    David_Levin.jpgCongressional Candidate April Freeman Hires Professional
    David Levin named Campaign Manager
    Fort Myers, FL—April Freeman has announced that David Levin, 28, of Naples, Florida, will be taking... Read More

  • April Freeman urges Ethics Committee to act on Radel case

    April Freeman urges US House Committee on Ethics to act on Rep. Trey Radel case 

    Fort Myers, FL — April Freeman, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida’s 19th District, is... Read More

  • Florida's 19th Congressional District Now Competitive

    Rep. Trey Radel arrest and conviction opens door to Democratic victory 

    The political race to represent Florida’s 19th congressional district is now competitive, according to experts and observers, and April Freeman,... Read More

  • Statement regarding Representative Trey Radel

    While I am sympathetic to Rep. Radel regarding his personal issues and I... Read More