Cracking Down On Violent Crime

Friends --

Did you know, under our current City Council overall crime in Cape Coral is down, but violent crimes are up by 12% --we need to change this. 

I'd like to enhance public safety by increasing budgets for law enforcement and fire services. Additionally, to achieve success we need to implement a program for community involvement. 

I have the experience to organize these efforts --I was a key player in the 1995 Anti-Arson Campaign led by Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer.

On a typical day, Detroit, Michigan reports 40 to 60 fires, but pre-Halloween pranks turned destructive in the 1970’s when hundreds of fires were set deliberately throughout the city. 

A record of number of 810 arson fires were set during the 1984 Halloween period.

Our 1995 campaign mobilized roughly 35,000 volunteer citizens, who joined organized anti-arson patrols, and were able to accomplish a successful, complex, community-based intervention, preventing 100% off pre-Halloween Arson Fires.

We all know Cape Coral is not Detroit, but Arson is a violent crime and a public health problem that causes injuries and deaths, destroys homes, and destabilizes neighborhoods.

Our City Council can fully implement this type of program in partnership with Cape Coral Law Enforcement and Fire Services, as Mayor I will take the lead in this effort.