A Monumental Fix!


For Immediate Release

September 7, 2016 


Press Release:  A Monumental Fix!

A Movement to Declare Lake Okeechobee a National Monument 


North Fort Myers, FL: April Freeman has taken the innovative idea of declaring Lake Okeechobee a National Monument, and spun it off into a separate, nonpartisan initiative called “A Monumental Fix.”

Back in April, April petitioned President Obama to declare Lake Okeechobee a National Monument through the Antiquities act. The idea got positive feedback and support, but fell short of the required number of signatures to make it happen. Here we are in September facing the same issues with Lake Okeechobee --dirty water, a crumbling dike, and overflowing water.  

A “Monumental Fix” will petition the President to declare Lake Okeechobee a National Monument, through the powers granted in the Antiquities Act, accomplishing three main objectives:  

1. Cleanup the Lake Pollution. 

2. Incorporate and Preserve the Southern Flow.

3. Speed Up Dike Repairs.  

This movement is looking to first gather grassroots support, and then post a petition to the White House website. The online petition requires 100,000 signatures be collected within a 30 day period, in order for the President to take action. 

“I am launching “Monumental Fix!” to bring this effort to the public, while taking partisanship out of the issue.

"This isn’t about me, it’s about the Lake," Freeman stated. “That is why today, I am spinning it off from my campaign, so the initiative stands on its own. This issue has become a political football, we need to take the politics out, and just fix it once and for all!”

“A Monumental Fix” provides immediate action. It is not the only solution to the problems with Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades, it is intended to work together with other initiatives.

For more information on a Monumental Fix, please go to: www.facebook.com/monumentalfix

April Freeman is a candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Florida’s 17th Congressional District, where she will be a “New Voice For a New District.”