A Monumental Fix

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter Account?

I'm asking every single one of my contacts to like "A Monumental Fix" on facebook and share it on social media, so we can take action while President Obama is still in office.

We will have 30 days to gather 100,000 signatures once we repost our petition on the White House website.
We are running out of time!
If each of my contacts takes a minute to cut and paste this message to their page and like the "actual page" (not the post), we will gain the support we need to post our petition and be successful.
Important reminder: You do not need to live in Florida to help, because anyone in the country can sign our petition.
The goal is to post the actual petition no later than Dec 15th.
Let's do this for Lake Okeechobee and our fragile Eco-system! Let's Make Florida Great Again!