April Freeman renews challenge to debate, calls out on drug test

Today, April Freeman renewed her standing challenge to Curt Clawson to debate — a debate not about image, and not about nonsense, but about the critical issues.

"I respectfully challenge Mr. Clawson to a debate in June, hosted by WINK News, about real issues and real ideas," said Freeman.

"The people deserve serious answers to questions they have asked about the plan he has proposed, and the people deserve to know the results to the drug test he pledged to take," Freeman said. "The plan he proposed would inevitably force enormous cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and possibly Social Security, and the time lapsed on the drug test he was “'happy to take.'"

Freeman added: "The people deserve a debate where they hear the answers to these and other important issues. Let us give the people of Southwest Florida the option of choosing a candidate who puts the their interests first."