April Freeman to Host Town Hall

April Freeman for Congress
October 27, 2014


(Fort Myers, FL) – There is still one day before the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce’s congressional candidate forum was scheduled to take place, and April Freeman intends on going regardless of Curt Clawson’s plans.

“Often we see that forums are contingent upon incumbents showing up,” said Freeman. “Well, I don’t need my opponent to show up in order to address the people of Bonita Springs. I will be there -- at the Chamber of Commerce, as scheduled, on Tuesday October 28 whether Mr. Clawson is there or not.”

Curt Clawson has not attended a single forum since the Special Election earlier this year.

“His office called our request to debate “11th hour” and “political gamesmanship,” yet our request was made 20 days ago, before any of the gubernatorial debates, and whether the Clawson campaign likes it or not, elections are still decided on Election Day.”

Besides Ms. Freeman's invitation, Curt Clawson has turned down 8 other invitations:

The Hispanic-American Citizens Council
The Southwest Florida African Network
The Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce
The League of Women Voters -- Lee County
The Nation Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE)
The North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce
The Civic Association of Cape Coral
Businesspeople United for Political Action Committee (BUPAC)




Date: 10/28/2014 

Time: 5:30 PM TO 7:00 PM 

Bonita Springs Fire Control & Rescue District 
27701 Bonita Grande Drive 
Bonita Springs, FL 34135