April Freeman to Unveil Economic Agenda

Freeman-omics: The Bold Plan for a Brighter Future

CAPE CORAL — Tomorrow, Thursday June 5, 2014 at 12 noon, Democratic congressional candidate for the 19th Congressional District, April Freeman, will introduce an economic agenda, “Freeman-omics: The Bold Plan for a Brighter Future.”

This practical, achievable plan will increase border security, reform the tax code, better protect the environment, improve education and medical care, and create jobs. It will also advance a veterans and women’s agenda.

“This bold plan creates thousands of much needed jobs and levels the playing field for middle class families. For many, this would be much needed, life-changing reform,” Freeman said. “Our goal is to increase revenues by 10% each year-over-year. So in this first year, the State of Florida would generate $2.5 billion more than the year before. In the second year, we would generate $2.75 billion. And this addition keeps getting bigger because it is a 10% growth from the previous year.”

Freeman continued: "While I’m very conscious of the federal deficit and think about it every day, Southwest Florida must be our priority as well as caring for the rest of the state. By adopting this plan, we can increase revenues and shrink both the state and federal deficits while avoiding imposing new burdens on taxpayers.” 

“We have seen no other plans, no other ideas and no other proposals with these goals that benefit all Southwest Floridians. This plan will create opportunities for Southwest Florida’s working families and it stands starkly in contrast to other policies that deny them the opportunities they deserve and have earned,” Freeman concluded. 


April Freeman is a businesswoman, wife, and mother who lives in Cape Coral, FL. She is the chief executive officer of a film and television production firm, and a job creator in Southwest Florida, California and Michigan. She was an organizing fellow in Lee County during the 2012 election cycle, and subsequently served as deputy state lead and press liaison for Florida for the National Day of Service.

Who: April Freeman for Congress

What: Freeman-omics: The Bold Plan for a Brighter Future

Where: The Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library, 4820 Leonard Street, Cape Coral, FL 33904 

When: 12 noon on Thursday June 5, 2014