April Successfully Petitions for Ballot Access

Fort Myers, FL — On Friday, April Freeman, the only declared Democratic candidate, qualified for the special election to represent Florida’s 19th congressional district by petitioning for ballot access.
"After the announcement of a special election, grassroots excitement continued to grow and we have experienced a groundswell of support," said Freeman, a resident of Cape Coral, Florida.
According to Freeman, the time has come for a complete change in Southwest Florida's congressional representation.
“People realize that the last thing Southwest Floridians need is another politician looking for loopholes," said Freeman. "If Washington is going to work for us—if we are going to restore dignity to Southwest Florida—we need a new voice and a fresh start."
She added: “Southwest Floridians have a right to expect representation in Congress that puts their interests first. In Congress I will defend our seniors and pursue policies that make sense and work to the benefit of all Southwest Floridians. The time has come for a complete change and I am ready to bring that change."
The campaign continues to build support behind bringing real common sense solutions for the middle class.