Freeman challenges GOP nominee to debate

 April Freeman challenges GOP nominee to a series of debates 

Special Election Candidates,

The Constitution requires that members of the House of Representatives be selected every other year, as opposed to every six years for the Senate. Representatives are elected every other year so that the people can change their minds if they wish and correct mistakes quickly.

This year the people will correct a mistake. The congressman we elected 16 months ago embarrassed each of us, was arrested, failed to represent Southwest Florida in important national business and resigned in disgrace.

As we move forward to correct our mistake, let us do so with a seriousness of purpose and attention to the real issues, not to nonsense. Let us also do so with a commitment to a fair process that will produce clear and competent choices for the voters.

In a democracy, the selection process can be as important as the outcome. I believe that an essential part of that process is a debate between the candidates of the major parties—a debate not about image, not about glitz, and not about nonsense, but about the critical issues—especially economic issues—confronting the people of Southwest Florida.

In that spirit, I respectfully challenge the winner of the Republican Special Primary to a series of debates about real issues and real ideas.

Let us give the people of Southwest Florida the option of choosing wisely.



April Freeman