People With Disabilities

One of the largest, most under represented groups in our country are people with disabilities.  Nobody is talking about them and not enough officials in our government are making a difference for people with disabilities.  It's time to change that.


In Congress, April will bring disability advocates to the table when working on legislation that may effect people with disabilities. April will also create panels and workshops to help educate other members of Congress on specific issues that are affecting people with disabilities so that we as a government, can do better.


Did you know that under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), certain employers can pay people with disabilities less than the Federal minimum wage?  That is reprehensible and needs to be stopped.  April will spearhead legislation that will amend the FLSA, to remove the section 14c loophole allowing people with disabilities to be paid below minimum wage.  


Florida is 47th in the United States in accessibility for people with disabilities.  We need real solutions that will make Florida and the rest of the country more accessible to people with disabilities.  April will push for stricter ADA compliance regulations while also setting up programs that help offset the costs to small businesses that become more accessible.