Preserving Our Environment

Let’s create hundreds of thousands of green jobs, maximize our solar potential, implement clean fusion energy, replenish our natural resources and generate millions of dollars in revenue while saving our planet.

Right now without our environment, we have nothing.  Throughout this state and our country, we are surrounded by water quality issues, depletion of fossil fuels, and widespread global climate changes.   We need economically responsible policies to implement clean energy, ensure a healthy environment and clean water!

Clean Energy

We live in an area that averages over nearly 250 days per year of sun.  It's time we truly take advantage of solar energy, and begin investing in a solar infrastructure in our state and country. Let's encourage investment in solar technologies and clean energy sources.  By doing so, we not only help our environment, but we help create thousands of new jobs, from everything to the private energy sector, to research and development, to manufacturing. We incentive those jobs for companies doing work in the USA only.  


Water Quality

Water is one of our most precious commodities.  It's time that we support both public and private efforts that ensure everyone has a clean and dependable source of water.  We can no longer allow our government to look the other way when people are getting poisoned by contaminated water sources everyday.  It's time we ensure that people have clean water access and that we hold those accountable that contaminate our people.

Lake Okeechobee & Everglades

One of the natural wonders of not only our state, but our country is Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades.  However, for far too long, this area been caught up in a bureaucratic mess between the various levels of government.  It's time we work together and clean up the pollution and the crumbling infrastructure of Lake Okeechobee.  It's not about pointing fingers, but working with all government, private industry, boats and fisherman, farmers,  environmental groups, and the public to come up with a comprehensive solution.

We Need To:

1. Repair the Herbert Hoover Dike.  The dike dates back almost 100 years, and is in dire need of repair. Lives are at stake!

2.Restore the Natural flow to the Everglades.  This can be achieved by buying lands around Lake Okeechobee which would help act as natural filters for the water and take the pressure off of the Herbert Hoover Dikes.

3. Declare Lake Okeechobee and the Surrounding Areas a Monument.  Asking the President to declare Lake Okeechobee a National Monument which would help speed up necessary repairs and force the cleanup of the Lake by the government.  This will also ensure that the Lake and the surrounding lands stay in the right hands and are properly preserved as the natural treasure they are.

4. Work with local farmers and the surrounding agricultural industry to help provide green and cost effective technologies that will help move them into the 21st century, and prevent flooding and other environmental effects to the Lake and the surrounding areas. 

Manasota Key Beach Erosion

For too long the beach area on Manasota Key has been eroding.  Storm after storm the coastline is washing away.  Everyone from the Army Corp of Engineers, DEP, to county officials have looked over the erosion issue.  More and more houses and condos are in danger of getting destroyed by having their foundations swept out.  We need to commit and provide the residents of Manasota Key with the proper resources to repair the damage.  Plans are in place but without the proper funding or direction from Congress, the solution will continue to languish.

Gulf Coast Redtides

In areas such as Charlotte and Sarasota counties, residents are being severely impacted by Red Tides.  Fish and other sea life are dying, health hazards are cropping up, and our tourism, economy, and most importantly the lives of our coastal residents are being severely impacted.  These Red tidal algae blooms are being fueled by environmental waste and run off from local estuaries.  We need to work together with residents throughout the district and ensure that waste is being filtered before hitting our estuaries so these Red Tide algae blooms are not being fueled.  The health and life of our coastal regions depends on it.