Naples Daily News: Freeman challenges Clawson to debate

Freeman challenges Clawson to debate


Friday, April 25, 2014

Cape Coral Democrat April Freeman has challenged Curt Clawson to a debate.

Clawson, a Bonita Springs Republican, won his party’s nomination in Tuesday’s special congressional District 19 special election. Freeman, who ran uncontested, is the only Democrat on the ticket.

Earlier this month, Freeman challenged the Republican nominee to a series of debates leading up to the June 24 special election. At the time, she said she believed “debate between the candidates of major parties — a debate not about image, not about glitz, and not about nonsense, but about the critical issues” was an essential part of the process.

“The people deserve serious answers to questions they have asked — he has proposed a plan that would inevitably force enormous cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and possibly Social Security,” she said in a statement. “The people deserve a debate where they hear the answers to these and other important issues.”

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