Freeman challenges Clawson to final debate

September 16, 2014
April Freeman for Congress


FORT MYERS—Today, April Freeman challenged Curt Clawson to an important final debate. The last time Freeman and Clawson squared off was before the June Special Election, however, most voters had already cast their ballot by mail.

"Since the June Special Election there have been foreign and domestic events that need to be addressed," said Freeman. “Considering the ISIS threat to our national security, Clawson's clear inability to identify the difference between foreign dignitaries and government employees, and the events that transpired in Ferguson, Missouri—voters deserve to here our thoughts and positions."

It is no secret, elected officials from Southwest Florida have a history of checking out once they get to Congress. 

“The process is just as important as the outcome and debating is crucial part of the process," Freeman said.

Freeman added: "Let’s give the people of Southwest Florida a candidate who isn’t afraid to engage in a spirited debate—one who does not check out or phone it in."


April Freeman is a businesswoman, wife, and mother who lives in Cape Coral, FL. She is the chief executive officer of a film and television production firm, and a job creator. Ms. Freeman also serves as the President of the Fort Myers-Naples chapter of the National Organization for Women and served as deputy state lead and press liaison for Florida for the National Day of Service.