Freeman urges Clawson to reconsider debate

April Freeman for Congress
October 8, 2014


(Fort Myers, Florida) -- Today, 27 days before the November 4th General Election, April Freeman, the Democratic nominee for Florida’s 19th Congressional District, urged her Tea Party opponent Curt Clawson to reconsider his decision not to participate in a debate over foreign and domestic issues.

Clawson has declined on numerous occasions to engage in a debate citing that he “doesn’t think it’s an appropriate time to make his thoughts known.”

“If now is not a good time, then when?” Said Freeman. “With Election Day quickly approaching, it’s important for people to know where the candidates stand on the issues so voters can make informed decisions.”

April Freeman is a community leader and business owner. She primarily worked in film and television before launching her candidacy for U.S. Congress. April currently serves as the President of the Fort Myers-Naples chapter of the National Organization for Women. She lives in Cape Coral with her husband David and they have two daughters.


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