How I spend my time...


I spend a lot of my time asking people for money.

I'm proud to say, the money I've raised comes from grassroots donors like you and not special interest or large corporate donors.

I'm proud to say, I raise money because I know the stakes are high.

I'm proud to say, because of you our long hours and hard work are paying off.

We're facing a critical fundraising deadline on Wednesday -- I hope you'll chip in what you can.

I know I've asked a lot from you this year and you always come through when it matters. You own a piece of this campaign and it shows.

That's why I'm asking you to chip in before the books close at midnight on Wednesday.

Please chip in $5 or more so we start strong in 2015.

Let's make sure the work we've started continues so it makes a difference.

Can you make a grassroots donation right now?  

Together we can make a difference and in 2016 we will send a Representative to a Washington who puts the interest of The People first.

Thank you for your support,