Naples Daily News - Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I find it incredible that in a lengthy, front page story on the contenders for Rep. Trey Radel’s seat,  “Leader Sidelined; Wheels Still Turn,” on Sunday, Dec. 8, you chose to ignore the only declared Democratic candidate, April Freeman.

If the story was only about potential Republican primary contenders for Trey Radel’s seat, then it should have said so at the outset. However, it purported to be a complete account of the potential contenders but concentrated only on a single party.

I don’t know at what level this oversight occurred or whether it was deliberate or inadvertent but this yawning gap in reporting did a disservice to the readers of the Naples Daily News, who were deprived of important information. They did not get the whole story, which reflects badly on the Naples Daily News’ journalism and judgment.

What is more, April Freeman is well known to the Naples Daily News, which covered the announcement of her candidacy and her activities since.

There is more than one political party in Southwest Florida.

Just for the record: April Freeman is the only declared Democratic candidate in Florida’s 19th congressional district. She has been endorsed by Democrats Advancing Progressive Action in Congress and International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. She is calling on all Floridians disgusted by political extremism and Rep. Trey Radel’s failure to properly represent Southwest Florida, to become active and vote for change in November 2014.


David Levin
Campaign Manager