Naples Daily News - Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Once again, the Naples Daily News has willfully chosen to ignore the only declared Democratic candidate running to replace the disgraced Rep. Trey Radel. That person is Democrat April Freeman.

In your New Year's Day issue front page article, "10 to Watch in 2014," your listing of "Candidates to replace Trey Radel," deliberately mentions only Republicans, including a past officeholder and people who have not declared their intentions. Ms. Freeman has declared her intentions, her positions and is actively campaigning, yet you chose not to list her.

A reader can only conclude that this instance of incomplete coverage, and other similar past instances, testify to deliberate political bias in the Naples Daily News' coverage. Such bias is at odds with the newspaper's own declared commitment to objectivity and comprehensiveness, it ill-serves its readership and it is an example of shoddy journalism at best and deliberate prejudice at worst.

For the record, April Freeman is the declared Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida's 19th' Congressional District. She is a wife, mother and businesswoman who resides in Cape Coral. And one more thing -- she's going to win.


David Levin
Campaign Manager