It’s the time local, state and congressional candidates look forward to for months — It’s time to start gathering petitions for Ballot Access Qualifying. 

We only have a few months to meet our goal and we do not want to be a single petition short for ballot access in 2018.  

This race requires 4788 validated petitions from registered voters who live in Florida's 17th. The cost of not qualifying by petition has yet to be determined by the state of Florida, but as an example, last year the cost was $10,440 — this will be due on or before noon on May 4.

(Note the image contains 2 petitions per page).  April_Ballot_Petition.jpg

Link to Petition in PDF Format


We need a 15% to 20% cushion to ensure we turn in a sufficient number of petitions (that’s 958 extra).

This is why I’m asking for your help! 

We all know at least 4 registered voters  — perhaps family members or neighbors who may not be as involved or as politically savvy as you are, please share this petition with them. 

If everyone who sees this post; downloads and prints, signs and/or shares the attached petition, with a family member, neighbor or friend, and passes it on to two friends, we are guaranteed to surpass the 20% cushion needed to be safe.

You may either mail them to us or we can make arrangements to pick them up.  If you are going to mail to us, please send them to:

April Freeman for Congress

PO Box 15-2198

Cape Coral, FL 33915-2198