April Freeman for Congress Plan 6

April Freeman for Congress
June 17, 2014


FORT MYERS — Tomorrow, Wednesday June 18 at 3pm, April Freeman will comment on Plan 6, a project proposed by the Florida Oceanographic Society to reduce destructive releases from Lake Okeechobee through a series of water redirection and environmental restoration projects.

“Plan 6 stops the destructive discharges to the Northern Estuaries and restores the River of Grass flow to the Everglades,” said Freeman. “It achieves this by maximizing the capacity to provide enough storage, delivery, and water quality treatment to counteract the damaging discharges.”

Freeman intends to implement Plan 6 by securing funds already earmarked for aquatic restoration through the Water Resources and Development Act.

“We need a strong voice in Washington who will fight for common sense projects like Plan 6,” Freeman said. “In Congress, I will champion Plan 6 and our environment—our home—right here in Southwest Florida.”

If approved and implemented, Plan 6 would provide water to the natural systems in the Everglades while continuing to meet existing water supply demands and the current water quality requirements for outflows to the Everglades Protection Area. In addition, revisions to the current Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule would identify Plan 6 as the primary outlet of water moving south from Lake Okeechobee instead of currently east and west to the Northern Estuaries.

Tomorrow’s press conference will be held at Centennial Park, 1820 Hendry Street, Fort Myers at 3pm.


Contact David Levin, campaign manager, (239) 227-0104

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