Radel resigning is the right thing for SWFL

Rep. Trey Radel’s decision to resign is the right thing for him and for Southwest Florida.

We now have to look ahead. Aside from his personal issues, Rep. Radel pursued political policies that were hurtful, harmful and extreme. They did not support Southwest Florida business, protect seniors or improve government. More of the same will not help our community.

This is another reminder about how Washington has not been able to get anything done for us  – and why voters are fed up with the politicians in both parties.

We need a fresh, new start and I am ready to provide it.

I am running to provide the independent voice Southwest Florida needs in Congress – to stand up to the ‘politics as usual’ so we can create jobs and help middle class families struggling to keep with the rising costs of everything from taxes to flood insurance. 

I look forward to a special election which brings the prospect of real change even closer. 


CONTACT: DAVID LEVIN, Campaign Manager 850-629-9885