As a member of Congress it is important to understand the threats that face our country and the importance of keeping America safe, which is why I have been receiving weekly security briefings since 2014.

Threats Abroad

It's imperative for the United States to have a robust military, an expansive intelligence community and strong coalitions with our allies, in order to combat terrorism at home and abroad.

Enemies such as ISIS are not fought in the same traditional manner, so we must strengthen our intelligence agencies to be able to infiltrate and defeat them.  We also must beef up our border and port security nationwide and invest in the proper equipment for our military personnel.  For example, on the West Coast of Florida, I propose creating a Joint Intergovernmental-agency Law Enforcement Coastal Station, increasing response times to marine events up and down the Gulf coast. This station would provide a state of the art facility where federal, state and local law enforcement share recourses, while working together. 

We need surgical precision to defeat enemies such as ISIS, and these measures will ensure that occurs and keep Americans out of harms way.

Energy Independence

Another security measure we can take, is to reduce our energy dependence on foreign nations.  For example, if we invest in solar solutions in areas such as here in District 17,  in combination with energy resources at home, we will be able to significantly increase our energy independence, and allow American security and values to dictate our foreign policy. 

Cyber Crime

With the advent of cyber crime growing both home and abroad, we must put more resources into both stopping and preventing cybercrime.  With the government, businesses, and other private entities so reliant on data storage, measures must be put in place to secure the data from outside threats.