Syria Air Strikes

Statement on Air Strikes in Syria

For Immediate Release

April 7, 2017

Donald Trump campaigned on Making America Great Again, but last night he made America much less safe by taking reckless military action against Syria.

Without first consulting Congress or presenting a discernible plan for achieving success, the President contacted Russia to warn them of a planned military strike and carried it out. 

The Constitution is clear: Unless there is an immediate threat to the United States, only Congress can authorize the use of military force —the President can not do this unilaterally.

The attack itself does not appear to have done much damage, which opens the door for Bashar al-Assad to commit further acts of aggression against his own people.

The actions of President Trump are extremely dangerous --they put the lives of Syrians and Americans at risk. If Congress doesn't act now to rein in this activity, the situation is destined to spiral out of control.