What a good question...


Happy Friday!

Last week, I couldn’t speak so instead of focusing my energy calling an endless list of donors, I spent my time completing questionnaires for endorsements that with any luck, will be accompanied by a check so we can increase our ability to reach voters. 

It was then, I ran into an interesting question; Why are you a Democrat?

Now, that’s an intriguing question, isn’t it?

At first, I thought to myself; "I’m not always sure anymore..." 

The party does have it’s issues, and I get zero support, even though I’ve raised more money than my opponent has ever spent on his reelection, and polling puts me neck and neck in a race that I can absolutely win —but still nada, no support. Heck most of the time, I can’t even get a return phone call. 

Then I got serious, because being a Democrat means more to me than the support I don’t receive from the party. 

I have not always been a Democrat, and as a 52 year old wife, mother and grandmother who was raised in a staunchly Republican home, the decision to be a Democrat is nothing I took lightly. However, in light of who I am, and what my values have always been, being a Democrat is where I fit into the current political system.

  • I believe everyone deserves as many chances as it takes, to get what they want out of life.
  • I believe in helping those in need. 
  • I fervently believe in tolerance, and that all people are equal no matter their race, religious belief, profession, gender, gender identifier or who they love. 
  • I believe all women should be allowed to make their own choices regarding reproductive health. 
  • I believe all children are entitled to a good education and deserve to feel safe in school. 
  • I hold sacred the freedoms provided to us through the Constitution, and that the Constitution is a living and breathing document written by our forefathers to change with the times. 
  • I believe in a Constitutional Amendment to reverse Citizens United, so we can once and for all, take dark and secret money out of politics and give the government back to The People. 
  • I believe in reasonable solutions for preventing guns from getting into the wrong hands. 
  • I believe we need to close loopholes and increase taxes for the 1%, so the 99% won’t need to struggle just to get by. 
  • I believe in fair-trade, not free-trade, and that we need to stop outsourcing jobs for corporate profit and keep good paying jobs right here in the United States. 
  • I believe in increasing the minimum wage and in allowing workers the right to organize and collective bargain. 
  • I believe Affordable Healthcare is a basic human right and not a privilege for the elite. 
  • I believe in ending our dependence on fossil fuels and in a nationwide ban on fracking, while transitioning to only clean renewable energy. 
  • I believe in change and building a clean and healthy environment for future generations. 

I hold these values and beliefs close to my heart --they are what drive this campaign every day and if you’re with me on any of them, I need your help. 

Please support this campaign by making a donation of $20, $50, $100 or what you can today. 

When I win my race, it will be because of champions like you, and the hard work my team and I invest every single day. 

I look forward to being your voice in Washington. 

Thank you for all you do. 


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