Where's My Rooney? 88% of CD17 Cannot I.D. Rep Tom Rooney


For Immediate Release

November 2, 2016


Press Release:  Where’s My Rooney?  88% of CD17

Cannot I.D. Rep Tom Rooney


North Fort Myers, FL: Over the last several months in April Freeman's  campaign to win the congressional seat in Florida's 17th district, Team Freeman has been conducting a district wide poll to see who could correctly identify Rep. Tom Rooney. 

The results are astounding, in that 88% of residents from inside the district could not identify their current Representative in Washington -- Tom Rooney (R). 

Representative Rooney has been holding his current position in elected office for nearly 8 years so Team Freeman decided to test the Representative’s impact on the district --thus, “Where’s My Rooney” was born.   Residents were randomly asked without regard to party, age, or any other factors to identify their current Representative Tom Rooney, from an 8 picture photo line-up that included pictures of various other politicians including a few with the last name of Rooney.  After tallying the numbers, Team Freeman concluded that 88% of constituents from Florida's 17th Congressional District were not able to identify Tom Rooney from the photo line-up as their Representative.  Furthermore, of the 12% who answered correctly, nearly half indicated to Team Freeman, their choice was a random guess.

"This is by no means a reflection of the constituents in CD17, it is however a crystal clear reflection of Rep. Tom Rooney, his lack of accessibility and the lack of time he has spent in the district," said Freeman in a statement about the poll, and "I travel this district on a daily basis and unfortunately these results do not surprise me." "The people of Florida's 17th Congressional District deserve better, and I'm running to do better," concluded Freeman.

The “Where’s My Rooney” poll was conducted throughout the nine county district at various nonpartisan events such Politics in the Park, Union Hall meetings, political forums, meet and greets, and other events.

April Freeman is a candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Florida’s 17th Congressional District, where she will be a “New Voice For a New District.”


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